Temescal Associates is dedicated to building the capacity of leaders and organizations in education and youth development who are serious about improving the lives of young people. Our clients include leaders of youth serving institutions and organizations, school and youth program practitioners, public and private funders, intermediary organizations, and policy makers. Their work ranges from building large scale youth and community initiatives to providing services to young people on a day-to-day basis.

To accomplish this, Temescal Associates draws on a pool of gifted and highly experienced consultants who excel at eliciting the internal knowledge and wisdom of those we work with while introducing new knowledge and strategies that can transform the day-to-day practices that lead to improved youth outcomes.

This is a new project of Temescal Associates and Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center. Become a co-signer to support the Learning in Afterschool principles.

The Virtual Vacation Leader's Guide was written as a resource for those who oversee, develop, and implement afterschool programs. It features a structured approach that combines academics, culture, and creativity. Virtual Vacation is particularly well-suited to elementary age children, but can be adapted for older youth. The Virtual Vacation approach was developed by aft erschool leaders who operate afterschool programs within affordable housing settings for the NHP Foundation. This guide was developed by Temescal Associates and NHP staff. Temescal also offers training on its use...

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Watch a video where youth shed light on the importance and power of afterschool programming and the role it has played in their lives.


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Examining California's Afterschool Movement Post Proposition 49: The objectives of this paper are to (1) review the early challenges and milestones that followed the implementation of Proposition 49, (2)
examine the current status of the field, and (3) identify field needs that can guide future decisions.

Afterschool Programs That Reflect the Learning in Afterschool & Summer Learning Principles The purpose of this paper is to describe the practices of actual afterschool programs that exemplify the learning principles promoted by the Learning in Afterschool project (LIA). Below we offer some background and a full description of the Learning in Afterschool project and its five learning principles that should define quality afterschool programming.